Interface FuncHolder

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractFuncHolder, DrillComplexWriterAggFuncHolder, DrillComplexWriterFuncHolder, DrillFuncHolder, DrillSimpleFuncHolder, HiveFuncHolder

public interface FuncHolder
Definition of a function as presented to code generation. Represents the common denominator between Drill and Hive functions.
  • Method Details

    • isNested

      boolean isNested()
    • getExpr

      Return a reference to this function given a function alias and a list of actual arguments.
      name - alias used in this specific call
      args - expressions of the actual function arguments
      pos -
      an expression that holds the function definition (this object), actual parameters and related information
    • getParamCount

      int getParamCount()
      Number of defined input parameters.
    • getParamMajorType

      TypeProtos.MajorType getParamMajorType(int i)
      Drill SQL type of an input parameter.
    • isComplexWriterFuncHolder

      boolean isComplexWriterFuncHolder()
      Checks that the current function holder stores output value using field writer instead of vector holder.
      true if current function holder uses field writer to store the output value