Class BatchReference


public final class BatchReference extends Object
Holder class that contains batch naming, batch and record index. Batch index is used when batch is hyper container. Used to distinguish batches in non-equi conditions during expression materialization. Mostly used for nested loop join which allows non equi-join. BatchReference instance can be created during batch initialization (ex: instance of AbstractRecordBatch) since naming of batches used won't change during data processing. Though information from batch reference will be used during schema build (i.e. once per OK_NEW_SCHEMA). Example: BatchReference{batchName='leftBatch', batchIndex='leftIndex', recordIndex='leftIndex'} BatchReference{batchName='rightContainer', batchIndex='rightBatchIndex', recordIndex='rightRecordIndexWithinBatch'}
  • Constructor Details

    • BatchReference

      public BatchReference(String batchName, String recordIndex)
    • BatchReference

      public BatchReference(String batchName, String batchIndex, String recordIndex)
  • Method Details

    • getBatchName

      public String getBatchName()
    • getBatchIndex

      public String getBatchIndex()
    • getRecordIndex

      public String getRecordIndex()
    • toString

      public String toString()
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