Class PhysicalOperatorUtil


public class PhysicalOperatorUtil extends Object
  • Method Details

    • getSubTypes

      public static Set<Class<? extends PhysicalOperator>> getSubTypes(ScanResult classpathScan)
    • getIndexOrderedEndpoints

      public static List<MinorFragmentEndpoint> getIndexOrderedEndpoints(List<CoordinationProtos.DrillbitEndpoint> endpoints)
      Helper method to create a list of MinorFragmentEndpoint instances from a given endpoint assignment list.
      endpoints - Assigned endpoint list. Index of each endpoint in list indicates the MinorFragmentId of the fragment that is assigned to the endpoint.
      a list of (minor fragment id, endpoint) pairs in which the minor fragment ID is reified as a member. Items are indexed by minor fragment ID.
    • materializeExpression

      public static LogicalExpression materializeExpression(LogicalExpression expr, VectorAccessible incoming, FragmentContext context)
      Helper method to materialize the given logical expression using the ExpressionTreeMaterializer.
      expr - Logical expression to materialize
      incoming - Incoming record batch
      context - Fragment context