Class UnorderedReceiver

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<PhysicalOperator>, GraphValue<PhysicalOperator>, FragmentLeaf, PhysicalOperator, Receiver

public class UnorderedReceiver extends AbstractReceiver
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    • UnorderedReceiver

      public UnorderedReceiver(int oppositeMajorFragmentId, List<MinorFragmentEndpoint> senders, boolean spooling)
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    • supportsOutOfOrderExchange

      public boolean supportsOutOfOrderExchange()
      Description copied from interface: Receiver
      Whether or not this receive supports out of order exchange. This provides a hint for the scheduling node on whether the receiver can start work if only a subset of all sending endpoints are currently providing data. A random receiver would supports this form of operation. A NWAY receiver would not.
      True if this receiver supports working on a streaming/out of order input.
    • accept

      public <T, X, E extends Throwable> T accept(PhysicalVisitor<T,X,E> physicalVisitor, X value) throws E
      Description copied from interface: PhysicalOperator
      Provides capability to build a set of output based on traversing a query graph tree.
      Specified by:
      accept in interface PhysicalOperator
      accept in class AbstractReceiver
      E extends Throwable
    • getOperatorType

      public String getOperatorType()