Interface FileScanFramework.FileSchemaNegotiator

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ColumnsScanFramework.ColumnsSchemaNegotiatorImpl, FileScanFramework.FileSchemaNegotiatorImpl
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public static interface FileScanFramework.FileSchemaNegotiator extends SchemaNegotiator
The file schema negotiator adds no behavior at present, but is created as a placeholder anticipating the need for file-specific behavior later. Readers are expected to use an instance of this class so that their code need not change later if/when we add new methods. For example, perhaps we want to specify an assumed block size for S3 files, or want to specify behavior if the file no longer exists. Those are out of scope of this first round of changes which focus on schema.
  • Method Details

    • fileSystem

      DrillFileSystem fileSystem()
      Gives the Drill file system for this operator.
    • split

      org.apache.hadoop.mapred.FileSplit split()
      Describes the file split (path and block offset) for this scan.
      Hadoop file split object with the file path, block offset, and length.