Class RepeatedListState.RepeatedListVectorState

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public static class RepeatedListState.RepeatedListVectorState extends Object implements VectorState
Track the repeated list vector. The vector state holds onto the repeated list vector, but only performs operations on the actual storage: the offset vector. The child column state manages the repeated list content (which may be complex: another repeated list, a map, a union, etc.)
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    • updateChildWriter

      public void updateChildWriter(AbstractObjectWriter childWriter)
      Bind the child writer once the child is created. Note: must pass in the child writer because it is not yet bound to the repeated list vector at the time of this call.
      childWriter - child array writer for the inner dimension of the repeated list
    • vector

      public RepeatedListVector vector()
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      Underlying vector: the one presented to the consumer of the result set loader.
      Specified by:
      vector in interface VectorState
    • allocate

      public int allocate(int cardinality)
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      Allocate a new vector with the number of elements given. If the vector is an array, then the cardinality given is the number of arrays.
      Specified by:
      allocate in interface VectorState
      cardinality - number of elements desired in the allocated vector
      the number of bytes allocated
    • rollover

      public void rollover(int cardinality)
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      A vector has overflowed. Create a new look-ahead vector of the given cardinality, then copy the overflow values from the main vector to the look-ahead vector.
      Specified by:
      rollover in interface VectorState
      cardinality - the number of elements in the new vector. If this vector is an array, then this is the number of arrays
    • harvestWithLookAhead

      public void harvestWithLookAhead()
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      A batch is being harvested after an overflow. Put the full batch back into the main vector so it can be harvested.
      Specified by:
      harvestWithLookAhead in interface VectorState
    • startBatchWithLookAhead

      public void startBatchWithLookAhead()
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      A new batch is starting while an look-ahead vector exists. Move the look-ahead buffers into the main vector to prepare for writing the rest of the batch.
      Specified by:
      startBatchWithLookAhead in interface VectorState
    • close

      public void close()
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      Clear the vector(s) associated with this state.
      Specified by:
      close in interface VectorState
    • isProjected

      public boolean isProjected()
      Description copied from interface: VectorState
      Report whether this column is projected (has materialized vectors), or is unprojected (has no materialized backing.)
      Specified by:
      isProjected in interface VectorState
      true if the column is projected to the output, false if not
    • dump

      public void dump(HierarchicalFormatter format)
      Specified by:
      dump in interface VectorState