Class ResultSetLoaderImpl.ResultSetOptions

Enclosing class:

public static class ResultSetLoaderImpl.ResultSetOptions extends Object
Read-only set of options for the result set loader.
  • Field Details

    • vectorSizeLimit

      protected final int vectorSizeLimit
    • rowCountLimit

      protected final int rowCountLimit
    • vectorCache

      protected final ResultVectorCache vectorCache
    • projectionSet

      protected final ProjectionFilter projectionSet
    • schema

      protected final TupleMetadata schema
    • maxBatchSize

      protected final long maxBatchSize
    • scanLimit

      protected final long scanLimit
    • errorContext

      protected final CustomErrorContext errorContext
      Context for error messages.
  • Constructor Details

    • ResultSetOptions

      public ResultSetOptions()
    • ResultSetOptions

      public ResultSetOptions(ResultSetOptionBuilder builder)
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