Class HyperRowIndex

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public class HyperRowIndex extends ReaderIndex
Read-only row index into the hyper row set with batch and index values mapping via an SV4.
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    • offset

      public int offset()
      Description copied from interface: ColumnReaderIndex
      Vector offset to read. For top-level vectors, the offset may be through an indirection (SV2 or SV4). For arrays, the offset is the absolute position, with the vector of the current array element.
      vector read index
    • hyperVectorIndex

      public int hyperVectorIndex()
      Description copied from interface: ColumnReaderIndex
      When used with a hyper-vector (SV4) based batch, returns the index of the current batch within the hyper-batch. If this is a single batch, or a nested index, then always returns 0.
      batch index of the current row within the hyper-batch