Class QueueAssignmentResult


public class QueueAssignmentResult extends Object
Used to keep track of selected leaf and all rejected ResourcePool for the provided query. It is used by ResourcePoolImpl.visitAndSelectPool(QueueAssignmentResult, QueryContext) to store information about all the matching and non-matching ResourcePools for a query when ResourcePool selector is evaluated against query metadata. Later it is used by ResourcePool.visitAndSelectPool(QueueAssignmentResult, QueryContext) to apply QueueSelectionPolicy to select only one queue out of all the selected queues for a query. It also provides an API to dump all the debug information to know which pools were selected and rejected for a query.
  • Constructor Details

    • QueueAssignmentResult

      public QueueAssignmentResult()
  • Method Details

    • addSelectedPool

      public void addSelectedPool(ResourcePool pool)
    • addRejectedPool

      public void addRejectedPool(ResourcePool pool)
    • getSelectedLeafPools

      public List<ResourcePool> getSelectedLeafPools()
    • getRejectedPools

      public List<ResourcePool> getRejectedPools()
    • logAssignmentResult

      public void logAssignmentResult(String queryId)
    • toString

      public String toString()
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