Interface ResourcePoolSelector

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractResourcePoolSelector, AclSelector, AndSelector, ComplexSelectors, DefaultSelector, NotEqualSelector, OrSelector, TagSelector

public interface ResourcePoolSelector
Interface that defines implementation for selectors assigned to a ResourcePool. ResourcePoolSelector helps to evaluate if a given query can be admitted into a ResourcePool or not. Based on the assigned selector type to a ResourcePool it uses the query metadata with it's own configured values and make a decision for a query. The SelectorType defines all the supported ResourcePoolSelector which can be assigned to a ResourcePool. The configuration of a selector is of type:
 selector: {
 where SelectorValue can be a string (for SelectorType tag),
       object (for SelectorType acl and not_equal) and
       list of objects (for SelectorType and, or)
 when selector config is absent then a DefaultSelector is associated with the ResourcePool