Class IncomingDataBatch


public class IncomingDataBatch extends Object
An incoming batch of data. The data is held by the original allocator. Any use of the associated data must be leveraged through the use of newRawFragmentBatch().
  • Constructor Details

    • IncomingDataBatch

      public IncomingDataBatch(BitData.FragmentRecordBatch header, DrillBuf body, AckSender sender)
      Create a new batch. Does not impact reference counts of body.
      header - Batch header
      body - Data body. Could be null.
      sender - AckSender to use for underlying RawFragmentBatches.
  • Method Details

    • newRawFragmentBatch

      public RawFragmentBatch newRawFragmentBatch(BufferAllocator allocator)
      Create a new RawFragmentBatch based on this incoming data batch that is transferred into the provided allocator. Also increments the AckSender to expect one additional return message.
      allocator - Target allocator that should be associated with data underlying this batch.
      The newly created RawFragmentBatch
    • getHeader

      public BitData.FragmentRecordBatch getHeader()