Interface ElementParser

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractElementParser, ArrayParser, ArrayValueParser, ArrayValueParser.LenientArrayValueParser, BaseExtendedValueParser, DummyValueParser, EmptyArrayFieldParser, EmptyArrayParser, FullValueParser, JsonValueParser, MongoBinaryValueParser, MongoDateValueParser, NullFieldParser, NullValueParser, ObjectParser, ObjectValueParser, ScalarValueParser, ScalarValueParser.SimpleValueParser, ScalarValueParser.TextValueParser, SimpleExtendedValueParser, TupleParser, ValueParser, VariantParser

public interface ElementParser
Parser for a JSON element. Parsers are structured in a hierarchy:
  • Root - handles top-level objects and arrays, as well as EOF detection.
  • Object - Parses field: value pairs.
  • Value - Parses a value, which may be an array or an object.
  • Array - Nested within a Value; parses one level of an array. Its children are Values (which may contain more array levels.
  • JSON is completely generic; the element parsers handle JSON's full flexibility. Listeners attached to each parser determine if the actual value in any position makes sense for the structure being parsed.
  • Method Summary

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    parse(TokenIterator tokenizer)