Class SimpleMessageParser

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimpleMessageParser extends Object implements MessageParser
A message parser which accepts a path to the data encoded as a slash-separated string. Given the following JSON message:

 { status: {
     succeeded: true,
     runTimeMs: 123,
   response: {
     rowCount: 10,
     rows: [
       { ... },
       { ... } ]
   footer: "something interesting"
The path to the actual data would be "response/rows".

The message parser will "free-wheel" over all objects not on the data path. Thus, this class will skip over the nested structure within the status member.

If the data path is not found then this class reports EOF of the whole data stream. It may have skipped over the actual payload if the path is mis-configured.

The payload can also be a single JSON object:

   response: {
     field1: "value1",
     field2: "value2",

This parser "ungets" the value token (start object or start array) so that the structure parser can determine which case to handle.