Class HDF5FormatPlugin

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public class HDF5FormatPlugin extends EasyFormatPlugin<HDF5FormatConfig>
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      protected FileScanFramework.FileScanBuilder frameworkBuilder(EasySubScan scan, OptionSet options)
      Description copied from class: EasyFormatPlugin
      Create the plugin-specific framework that manages the scan. The framework creates batch readers one by one for each file or block. It defines semantic rules for projection. It handles "early" or "late" schema readers. A typical framework builds on standardized frameworks for files in general or text files in particular.

      For EVF V1, to be removed.

      frameworkBuilder in class EasyFormatPlugin<HDF5FormatConfig>
      scan - the physical operation definition for the scan operation. Contains one or more files to read. (The Easy format plugin works only for files.)
      the scan framework which orchestrates the scan operation across potentially many files