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IndexPaginator, OffsetPaginator, PagePaginator

public abstract class Paginator extends Object implements Iterator<String>
This class is the abstraction for the Paginator class. There are different pagination methods, however, all essentially require the query engine to generate URLs to retrieve the next batch of data and also to determine whether the URL has more data. The Offset and Page paginators work either with a limit or without, but function slightly differently. If a limit is specified and pushed down, the paginator will generate a list of URLs with the appropriate pagination parameters. In the future this could be parallelized, however in the V1 all these requests are run in series.
  • Field Details

    • pageSize

      protected final int pageSize
    • MODE

    • limit

      protected final int limit
    • partialPageReceived

      protected boolean partialPageReceived
    • builder

      protected okhttp3.HttpUrl.Builder builder
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • setBuilder

      public void setBuilder(okhttp3.HttpUrl.Builder builder)
    • notifyPartialPage

      public void notifyPartialPage()
      This method is used in pagination queries when no limit is present. The intended flow is that if no limit is present, if the batch reader encounters a page which has less data than the page size, the batch reader should call this method to stop the Paginator from generating additional URLs to call. In the event that the API simply runs out of data, the reader will return false anyway and the pagination will stop.
    • getPageSize

      public int getPageSize()
    • getMode