Class TcpHandshake


public class TcpHandshake extends Object
This class is used to record the status of the TCP Handshake. Initially this is used just to determine whether a session is open or closed, but future functionality could include SYN flood identification, or other hackery with TCP flags.
  • Constructor Details

    • TcpHandshake

      public TcpHandshake()
  • Method Details

    • isConnected

      public boolean isConnected()
      Returns true for a correct TCP handshake: SYN|SYNACK|ACK, False if not.
      boolean true if the session is open, false if not.
    • isClosed

      public boolean isClosed()
      This method returns true if the session is closed properly via FIN -> FIN ACK, false if not.
      boolean true if the session is closed, false if not.
    • getCurrentSessionState

      public getCurrentSessionState()
    • setConnected

      public void setConnected(long sessionID)
    • setRst

      public void setRst()
    • setFin

      public void setFin()
    • setAck

      public void setAck()
    • setSyn

      public void setSyn()