Class TcpSession


public class TcpSession extends Object
This class is the representation of a TCP session.
  • Constructor Details

    • TcpSession

      public TcpSession(long sessionID)
  • Method Details

    • addPacket

      public void addPacket(Packet p)
      This function adds a packet to the TCP session.
      p - The Packet to be added to the session
    • connectionEstablished

      public boolean connectionEstablished()
      This function returns true if the TCP session has been established, false if not.
      True if the session has been established, false if not.
    • connectionClosed

      public boolean connectionClosed()
    • closeSession

      public void closeSession()
    • getSessionStartTime

      public Instant getSessionStartTime()
    • getSessionDuration

      public org.joda.time.Period getSessionDuration()
    • getConnectionTime

      public org.joda.time.Period getConnectionTime()
    • getSessionEndTime

      public Instant getSessionEndTime()
    • getSrcMac

      public String getSrcMac()
    • getDstMac

      public String getDstMac()
    • getSrcIP

      public String getSrcIP()
    • getDstIP

      public String getDstIP()
    • getSrcPort

      public int getSrcPort()
    • getDstPort

      public int getDstPort()
    • getSessionID

      public long getSessionID()
    • getPacketCount

      public int getPacketCount()
    • getPacketCountFromOrigin

      public int getPacketCountFromOrigin()
    • getPacketCountFromRemote

      public int getPacketCountFromRemote()
    • hasCorruptedData

      public boolean hasCorruptedData()
    • getDataVolumeFromOrigin

      public int getDataVolumeFromOrigin()
    • getDataVolumeFromRemote

      public int getDataVolumeFromRemote()
    • getDataFromOriginator

      public byte[] getDataFromOriginator()
    • getDataFromOriginatorAsString

      public String getDataFromOriginatorAsString()
    • getDataFromRemote

      public byte[] getDataFromRemote()
    • getDataFromRemoteAsString

      public String getDataFromRemoteAsString()