Class PcapngBatchReader

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public class PcapngBatchReader extends Object implements ManagedReader
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      public boolean next()
      The default of the `stat` parameter is false, which means that the packet data is parsed and returned, but if true, will return the statistics data about the each pcapng file only (consist of the information about collect devices and the summary of the packet data above). In addition, a pcapng file contains a single Section Header Block (SHB), a single Interface Description Block (IDB) and a few Enhanced Packet Blocks (EPB).
       | SHB | IDB | EPB | EPB |    ...    | EPB |
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      next in interface ManagedReader
      true if more data may be available (and so next() should be called again, false to indicate that EOF was reached
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      public void close()
      Description copied from interface: ManagedReader
      Release resources. Called just after a failure, when the scanner is cancelled, or after next() returns EOF. Release all resources and close files. Guaranteed to be called if open() returns normally; will not be called if open() throws an exception.
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      close in interface ManagedReader