Class Decimal18Vector.Mutator

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public final class Decimal18Vector.Mutator extends BaseValueVector.BaseMutator
Decimal18.Mutator implements a mutable vector of fixed width values. Elements in the vector are accessed by position from the logical start of the vector. Values should be pushed onto the vector sequentially, but may be randomly accessed. NB: this class is automatically generated from ValueVectorTypes.tdd using FreeMarker.
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    • set

      public void set(int index, long value)
      Set the element at the given index to the given value. Note that widths smaller than 32 bits are handled by the DrillBuf interface.
      index - position of the bit to set
      value - value to set
    • setSafe

      public void setSafe(int index, long value)
      Set the value of a required or nullable vector. Grows the vector as needed. Does not enforce size limits; scalar fixed-width types can never overflow a vector.
      index - item to write
    • set

      protected void set(int index, Decimal18Holder holder)
    • setSafe

      public void setSafe(int index, Decimal18Holder holder)
    • set

      protected void set(int index, NullableDecimal18Holder holder)
    • setSafe

      public void setSafe(int index, NullableDecimal18Holder holder)
    • generateTestData

      public void generateTestData(int size)
      Specified by:
      generateTestData in interface ValueVector.Mutator
      generateTestData in class BaseValueVector.BaseMutator
    • generateTestDataAlt

      public void generateTestDataAlt(int size)
    • setValueCount

      public void setValueCount(int valueCount)
      Description copied from interface: ValueVector.Mutator
      Sets the number of values that is stored in this vector to the given value count. WARNING! Once the valueCount is set, the vector should be considered immutable.
      valueCount - value count to set.