Class RepeatedUInt8Vector.Mutator

All Implemented Interfaces:
RepeatedValueVector.RepeatedMutator, ValueVector.Mutator
Enclosing class:

public final class RepeatedUInt8Vector.Mutator extends BaseRepeatedValueVector.BaseRepeatedMutator implements RepeatedValueVector.RepeatedMutator
  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(int index, long value)
      Add an element to the given record index. This is similar to the set() method in other value vectors, except that it permits setting multiple values for a single record.
      index - record of the element to add
      value - value to add to the given row
    • addSafe

      public void addSafe(int index, long srcValue)
    • setSafe

      public void setSafe(int index, RepeatedUInt8Holder h)
    • addSafe

      public void addSafe(int index, UInt8Holder holder)
    • addSafe

      public void addSafe(int index, NullableUInt8Holder holder)
    • fillEmpties

      public void fillEmpties(int lastWrite, int index)
      Backfill missing offsets from the given last written position to the given current write position. Used by the "new" size-safe column writers to allow skipping values. The set() and setSafe() do not fill empties. See DRILL-5529.
      lastWrite - the position of the last valid write: the offset to be copied forward
      index - the current write position to be initialized
    • add

      protected void add(int index, UInt8Holder holder)
    • add

      public void add(int index, RepeatedUInt8Holder holder)
    • generateTestData

      public void generateTestData(int valCount)
      Specified by:
      generateTestData in interface ValueVector.Mutator
      generateTestData in class BaseValueVector.BaseMutator
    • reset

      public void reset()
      Description copied from interface: ValueVector.Mutator
      Resets the mutator to pristine state.
      Specified by:
      reset in interface ValueVector.Mutator
      reset in class BaseValueVector.BaseMutator