Interface DictWriter

All Superinterfaces:
ArrayWriter, ColumnWriter
All Known Implementing Classes:
DummyDictWriter, ObjectDictWriter

public interface DictWriter extends ArrayWriter
Physically the writer is an array writer with special tuple writer as its element. Its ColumnWriter.type() returns ARRAY and ArrayWriter.entryType() returns TUPLE. To know whether it is a Dict logically, one may use schema().isDict().
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  • Method Details

    • keyType

      ValueType keyType()
      Returns scalar type of the key field.
      type of the key
    • valueType

      ObjectType valueType()
      Returns object type of the value field.
      type of the value
    • keyWriter

      ScalarWriter keyWriter()
      Returns the writer associated with key field.
      key writer
    • valueWriter

      ObjectWriter valueWriter()
      Returns the writer associated with value field.
      value writer