Uses of Package

Drill expression materialization and evaluation facilities.
Standard type conversion tools for the case in which the input types are the standard Java types already supported by the ValuesWriter interface.
Provides the "version 3" scan framework (which can also be thought of as EVF version 2).
Provides a second-generation row set (AKA "record batch") writer used by client code to Define the schema of a result set. Write data into the vectors backing a row set.
Handles the details of the result set loader implementation.
The "row set model" provides a "dual" of the vector structure used to create, allocate and work with a collection of vectors.
Implementation of a row set model for hyper-batches.
This set of classes models the structure of a batch consisting of single vectors (as contrasted with a hyper batch.) Provides tools or metdata-based construction, allocation, reading and writing of the vectors.
Provides a set of tools to work with row sets.
Version 3 of the text reader.
Defines a mock data source which generates dummy test data for use in testing.
Provides a light-weight, simplified set of column readers and writers that can be plugged into a variety of row-level readers and writers.
Provides the reader hierarchy as explained in the API package.
Implementation of the vector writers.
This package provides a "dummy" set of writers.
JDBC driver for Drill.