Class AbstractResourceManager

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public abstract class AbstractResourceManager extends Object implements ResourceManager
Abstract base class for a resource manager. Handles tasks common to all resource managers: learning the resources available on this Drillbit. In the current version, Drillbits must be symmetrical, so that knowing the resources on one node is sufficient to know resources available on all nodes.
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    • AbstractResourceManager

      public AbstractResourceManager(DrillbitContext context)
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    • memoryPerNode

      public long memoryPerNode()
      Description copied from interface: ResourceManager
      Returns the memory, in bytes, assigned to each node in a Drill cluster. Drill requires that nodes are symmetrical. So, knowing the memory on any one node also gives the memory on all other nodes.
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      memoryPerNode in interface ResourceManager
      the memory, in bytes, available in each Drillbit
    • cpusPerNode

      public int cpusPerNode()
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      cpusPerNode in interface ResourceManager