Class ExpirationHandler


public class ExpirationHandler extends Object
Iceberg table generates metadata for each modification operation: snapshot, manifest file, table metadata file. Also when performing delete operation, previously stored data files are not deleted. These files with the time can occupy lots of space.

Table metadata in Iceberg is expired automatically if TableProperties.METADATA_DELETE_AFTER_COMMIT_ENABLED set to true. Number of metadata files to be retained is configured using TableProperties.METADATA_PREVIOUS_VERSIONS_MAX. Snapshots and data expiration should be called manually to align with metadata expiration process, the same table properties are used to determine if expiration is needed and which number of snapshots should be retained.

  • Constructor Details

    • ExpirationHandler

      public ExpirationHandler(org.apache.iceberg.Table table)
  • Method Details

    • expire

      public void expire()
      Expires snapshots and related data if needed based on the given table properties values.
    • expireQuietly

      public void expireQuietly()
      Expires snapshots and related data and ignores possible exceptions.