Class AMYarnFacade.YarnAppHostReport

Enclosing interface:

public static class AMYarnFacade.YarnAppHostReport extends Object
Provides a collection of web UI links for the YARN Resource Manager and the Node Manager that is running the Drill-on-YARN AM. This information is primarily for use in the AM's own web UI.
  • Field Details

    • appId

      public String appId
    • amHost

      public String amHost
    • rmHost

      public String rmHost
    • rmUrl

      public String rmUrl
    • rmAppUrl

      public String rmAppUrl
    • nmHost

      public String nmHost
    • nmUrl

      public String nmUrl
    • nmAppUrl

      public String nmAppUrl
  • Constructor Details

    • YarnAppHostReport

      public YarnAppHostReport()