Class AbstractDrillbitScheduler

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public abstract class AbstractDrillbitScheduler extends PersistentTaskScheduler
Base class for schedulers (pools) for Drillbits. Derived classes implement various policies for node selection. This class handles the common tasks such as holding the Drillbit launch specification, providing Drillbit- specific behaviors and so on.

The key purpose of this class is to abstract Drillbit-speicific code from the rest of the AM cluster controller. We do so for several reasons: ease of testing (we can use mock tasks), ability to handle additional server types in the future, and a way to keep each module focused on a single task (as the controller and its state machine is complex enough without mixing in Drillbit specifics.)

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    • AbstractDrillbitScheduler

      public AbstractDrillbitScheduler(String type, String name, int quantity)