Class CommandLineOptions


public class CommandLineOptions extends Object
Drill YARN client command line options.

 DrillYarnClient -h|--help |
                 start |
                 stop |
                 status |
                 resize [+|-]n

  • help: Prints command line usage
  • start: starts the defined cluster
  • stop: stops the defined cluster
  • resize: adds (+n), removes (-n) or resizes (n) the cluster
  • status: prints status about the cluster

This is a do-it-yourself parser because the command line parser used by Drill does not accept parameters (arguments) without a dash, and does not accept arguments (such as resize -3) with a dash.

  • Field Details

    • appId

      public String appId
    • dryRun

      public boolean dryRun
    • resizePrefix

      public String resizePrefix
    • resizeValue

      public int resizeValue
    • verbose

      public boolean verbose
    • force

      public boolean force
  • Constructor Details

    • CommandLineOptions

      public CommandLineOptions()
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public boolean parse(String[] args)
      Parse the command line. Invalid option combinations result in the error option being set.
    • getCommand

      public CommandLineOptions.Command getCommand()
    • getResizePrefix

      public String getResizePrefix()
    • getResizeValue

      public int getResizeValue()
    • usage

      public void usage()