Class SingleVectorState.VariableWidthVectorState

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public static class SingleVectorState.VariableWidthVectorState extends SingleVectorState.SimpleVectorState
State for a scalar value vector. The vector might be for a simple (non-array) vector, or might be the payload part of a scalar array (repeated scalar) vector.
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    • allocateVector

      public int allocateVector(ValueVector vector, int cardinality)
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      allocateVector in class SingleVectorState
    • rollover

      public void rollover(int cardinality)
      Description copied from class: SingleVectorState
      A column within the row batch overflowed. Prepare to absorb the rest of the in-flight row by rolling values over to a new vector, saving the complete vector for later. This column could have a value for the overflow row, or for some previous row, depending on exactly when and where the overflow occurs. sourceStartIndex: the index of the row that caused the overflow, the values of which should be copied to a new "look-ahead" vector. If the vector is an array, then the overflowIndex is the position of the first element to be moved, and multiple elements may need to move
      Specified by:
      rollover in interface VectorState
      rollover in class SingleVectorState
      cardinality - the number of unique columns in the row