Class JsonStructureOptions

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public class JsonStructureOptions extends Object
Input to the JSON structure parser which defines guidelines for low-level parsing as well as listeners for higher-level semantics.
  • Field Details

    • allowNanInf

      public boolean allowNanInf
      Allow Infinity and NaN for float values.
    • skipOuterList

      public boolean skipOuterList
      Describes whether or not this reader can unwrap a single root array record and treat it like a set of distinct records.
    • skipMalformedRecords

      public boolean skipMalformedRecords
      If true, the structure parser will attempt to recover from JSON syntax errors by starting over at the next record boundary. The Jackson parser has limited recovery abilities. At present, recover can consume two or three valid records before it stabilizes.
    • skipMalformedDocument

      public boolean skipMalformedDocument
      This property works only when skipMalformedRecords enabled. If true, TokenIterator.RecoverableJsonException will be populated for the case of malformed empty document, so it will be possible to handle this exception by caller.
    • enableEscapeAnyChar

      public boolean enableEscapeAnyChar
  • Constructor Details

    • JsonStructureOptions

      public JsonStructureOptions()
    • JsonStructureOptions

      public JsonStructureOptions(OptionSet options)