Class JsonStructureParser


public class JsonStructureParser extends Object
Parser for a subset of the jsonlines format. In particular, supports line-delimited JSON objects, or a single array which holds a list of JSON objects. Although jsonlines requires a newline separator between objects, this parser is more relaxed: it allows any whitespace, or no whitespace at all. It simply looks for the pattern { ... } { ... } with reading top-level objects.

Alternatively, a message parser can provide a path to an array of JSON objects within a messages such as a REST response.

Implemented as a parser which converts a stream of tokens from the Jackson JSON parser into a set of events on listeners structured to follow the data structure of the incoming data. JSON can assume many forms. This class assumes that the data is in a tree structure that corresponds to the Drill row structure: a series of object with (mostly) the same schema. Members of the top-level object can be Drill types: scalars, arrays, nested objects (Drill "MAP"s), and so on.

The structure parser follows the structure of the incoming data, whatever it might be. This class imposes no semantic rules on that data, it just "calls 'em as it sees 'em" as they say. The listeners are responsible for deciding if the data data makes sense, and if so, how it should be handled.

The root listener will receive an event to fields in the top-level object as those fields first appear. Each field is a value object and can correspond to a scalar, array, another object, etc. The type of the value is declared when known, but sometimes it is not known, such as if the value is null. And, of course, according to JSON, the value is free to change from one row to the next. The listener decides it if wants to handle such "schema change", and if so, how.

  • Field Details

    • logger

      protected static final org.slf4j.Logger logger
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    • options

      public JsonStructureOptions options()
    • errorFactory

      public ErrorFactory errorFactory()
    • fieldFactory

      public FieldParserFactory fieldFactory()
    • next

      public boolean next()
    • recoverableErrorCount

      public int recoverableErrorCount()
    • lineNumber

      public int lineNumber()
    • columnNumber

      public int columnNumber()
    • token

      public String token()
    • close

      public void close()