Class AbstractScalarReader.NullReader

All Implemented Interfaces:
ColumnReader, ReaderEvents, ScalarReader
Enclosing class:

public static class AbstractScalarReader.NullReader extends AbstractScalarReader
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    • valueType

      public ValueType valueType()
      Description copied from interface: ScalarReader
      Describe the type of the value. This is a compression of the value vector type: it describes which method will return the vector value.
      the value type which indicates which get method is valid for the column
    • isNull

      public boolean isNull()
      Description copied from interface: ColumnReader
      Determine if this value is null.
      • Nullable scalar: determine if the value is null.
      • Non-nullable scalar: always returns false.
      • Arrays: always returns false</tt.>
      • Lists: determine if the list for the current row is null. In a list, an array entry can be null, empty, or can contain items. In repeated types, the array itself is never null. If the array is null, then it implicitly has no entries.
      • Map or Repeated Map: Always returns false.
      • Map inside a union, or in a list that contains a union, the tuple itself can be null.
      • Union: Determine if the current value is null. Null values have no type and no associated reader.
      Specified by:
      isNull in interface ColumnReader
      isNull in class AbstractScalarReader
      true if this value is null; false otherwise
    • bindIndex

      public void bindIndex(ColumnReaderIndex rowIndex)
      Specified by:
      bindIndex in interface ReaderEvents
      bindIndex in class AbstractScalarReader
    • schema

      public ColumnMetadata schema()
    • bindBuffer

      public void bindBuffer()