Class MapWriter.DummyMapWriter

All Implemented Interfaces:
ColumnWriter, TupleWriter, WriterEvents, WriterPosition
Enclosing class:

protected static class MapWriter.DummyMapWriter extends MapWriter
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    • isProjected

      public boolean isProjected()
      Description copied from interface: ColumnWriter
      Whether this writer is projected (is backed by a materialized vector), or is unprojected (is just a dummy writer.) In most cases, clients can ignore whether the column is projected and just write to the writer. This flag handles those special cases where it is helpful to know if the column is projected or not.
      Specified by:
      isProjected in interface ColumnWriter
      isProjected in class AbstractTupleWriter
    • copy

      public void copy(ColumnReader from)
      Description copied from interface: ColumnWriter
      Copy a single value from the given reader, which must be of the same type as this writer.
      Specified by:
      copy in interface ColumnWriter
      copy in class AbstractTupleWriter
      from - reader to provide the data