Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of Drill 1.9.0. You can download it here.

The release provides the following bug fixes and improvements:

Asynchronous Parquet Reader

The new asynchronous Parquet reader feature improves the performance of the Parquet Scan operator by increasing the speed at which the Parquet reader scans, decompresses, and decodes data. See Asynchronous Parquet Reader.

Parquet Filter Pushdown

The new Parquet filter pushdown feature optimizes Drill’s performance by pruning extraneous data from a Parquet file to reduce the amount of data that Drill scans and reads when a query on a Parquet file contains a filter expression. See Parquet Filter Pushdown.

Dynamic UDF Support

The new Dynamic UDF feature enables users to register and unregister UDFs on their own using the new CREATE FUNCTION USING JAR and DROP FUNCTION USING JAR commands. See Dynamic UDFs.

HTTPD Format Plugin

The new HTTPD format plugin adds the capability to query HTTP web server logs natively and also includes parse_url() and parse_query() UDFs. The parse_url() UDF returns maps of the URL. The parse_query() UDF returns the query string.

A complete list of JIRAs resolved in the 1.9.0 release can be found here.