Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of Drill 1.11.0. You can download it here.

The release provides the following bug fixes and improvements:

Drill provides the following cryptographic-related functions:

  • aes_encrypt()
  • aes_decrypt()
  • md5()
  • sha()
  • sha1()
  • sha2()

Spill to Disk for Hash Aggregate Operator (DRILL-5457)

The Hash aggregate operator can spill data to disk in cases where the operation exceeds the set memory limit. Note that you may need to increase the default value of the planner.memory.max_query_memory_per_node option due to insufficient memory.

Format Plugin Support for PCAP Files (DRILL-5432)

A “pcap” format plugin enables Drill to read PCAP files. You must add the “pcap” format to the dfs storage plugin configuration, as shown:

   "pcap": {
          "type": "pcap"

Change the HDFS Block Size for Parquet Files (DRILL-5379)

The store.parquet.writer.use_single_fs_block option enables Drill to write a Parquet file as a single file system block without changing the file system default block size.

Store Query Profiles in Memory (DRILL-5481)

The option enables Drill to store query profiles in memory instead of writing the query profiles to disk. The option sets the maximum number of most recent profiles to retain in memory.

Configurable CTAS Directory and File Permissions Option (DRILL-5391)

You can use the exec.persistent_table.umask configuration option, at the system or session level, to modify permissions on directories and files that result from running the CTAS command. By default, the option is set to 002, which sets the default directory permissions to 775 and default file permissions to 664.

Support for Network Encryption (DRILL-4335)

Drill can use SASL to support network encryption between the Drill client and drillbits, and also between drillbits.

Metadata file Stores Relative Paths (DRILL-3867)

Drill now stores the relative path in the metadata file (versus the absolute path), which enables you to move partitioned Parquet directories from one location in DFS to another without having to rebuild the Parquet metadata files; the metadata remains valid in the new location.

Support for Additional Quoting Identifiers (DRILL-3510)

In addition to back ticks, the SQL parser in Drill can use double quotes and square brackets as identifier quotes. Use the planner.parser.quoting_identifiers configuration option, at the system or session level, to set the type of identifier quotes that the SQL parser in Drill uses, as shown:

   ALTER SESSION SET planner.parser.quoting_identifiers = '"';  
   ALTER SESSION SET planner.parser.quoting_identifiers = '[';  
   ALTER SESSION SET planner.parser.quoting_identifiers = '`';  

The default setting is back ticks. The quoting identifier used in queries must match the setting. If you use another type of quoting identifier, Drill returns an error.

You can find a complete list of JIRAs resolved in the 1.11.0 release here.