Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of Drill 1.14.0. You can download it here.

The release provides the following bug fixes and improvements:

Run Drill in a Docker Container (DRILL-6346)

Running Drill in a Docker container is the simplest way to start using Drill; all you need is the Docker client installed on your machine. You simply run a Docker command, and your Docker client downloads the Drill Docker image from the apache-drill repository on Docker Hub and then brings up a container with Apache Drill running in embedded mode. See Running Drill on Docker.

Export and Save Storage Plugin Configurations (DRILL-4580)

You can export and save your storage plugin configurations from the Storage page in the Drill Web UI. See Exporting Storage Plugin Configurations.

Manage Storage Plugin Configurations in a Configuration File (DRILL-6494)

You can manage storage plugin configurations in the Drill configuration file, storage-plugins-override.conf. When you provide the storage plugin configurations in the storage-plugins-override.conf file, Drill reads the file and configures the plugins during start-up. See Configuring Storage Plugins with the storage-plugins-override.conf File.

Query Metadata in Various Image Formats (DRILL-4364)

The metadata format plugin is useful for querying a large number of image files stored in a distributed file system. You do not have to build a metadata repository in advance.
See Image Metadata Format Plugin.

Set Hive Properties at the Session Level (DRILL-6575)

The option enables you to specify Hive properties at the session level using the SET command. See Setting Hive Properties.

You can find a complete list of JIRAs resolved in the 1.14.0 release here.