Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of Drill 1.20.0. You can download it here. Like much of Drill, this release is full of valuable contributions from talented Ukrainian contributors. As a crisis unfolds in their homeland, the Drill community would like to record here its sympathy and concern for the well-being of our Ukrainian colleagues and friends.

This release provides the following new Features:

  • [DRILL-1282] - Add read and write support for Parquet v2
  • [DRILL-7985] - Support Mongo aggregate, union, project, limit, sort pushdowns
  • [DRILL-8027] - Format plugin for Apache Iceberg
  • [DRILL-8073] - Add support for persistent table and storage aliases
  • [DRILL-8107] - Hadoop2 backport Maven profile
  • [DRILL-7969] - Add support for reading and writing Parquet files using Brotli, LZ4 and Zstandard codecs
  • [DRILL-7971] - Support Elasticsearch authentication
  • [DRILL-7988] - Add credentials provider support for API connections in HTTP plugin
  • [DRILL-7995] - Add ability to query OCI OS
  • [DRILL-8005] - Add Writer to JDBC Storage Plugin
  • [DRILL-8011] - Add Dropbox File System to Drill
  • [DRILL-8022] - Add Provided Schema Support for Excel Reader
  • [DRILL-8028] - Add PDF Format Plugin
  • [DRILL-8047] - Add a custom authn provider for HashiCorp Vault
  • [DRILL-8054] - Add SAS Format Plugin
  • [DRILL-8056] - Add OAuth2 Support for HTTP Rest Plugin

You can find a complete list of improvements and JIRAs resolved in the 1.20.0 release here.