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Apache Drill not only helps data scientists and researchers get insights into their unstructured data, but also powers business-critical applications in many companies and enterprises around the globe. On this page, we present a few notable Drill users that run interesting use cases in production with link to resources that discuss their applications in more detail.

Please note that the list is not comprehensive, and only lists users that explicitly gave consent. If you would you like to be included on this page, please reach out by sending a direct message to @ApacheDrill on Twitter or to kunal[at]apache.org

Ericsson uses Drill to run analytics on wireless network activity on their devices and provide utilization reports to wireless network providers. Drill provides the ability to run SQL analytics on a large number of data sources at once.

At Intuit, SBSEG Data Platform team uses Apache Drill to analyze and generate reports from Kafka clickstream topics. The biggest advantage with Apache Drill is it's union type support for click stream data which is in JSON format.

Sanchez Energy uses Drill to run analytics using SQL against a rich variety of data captured from a variety of data sources - structured and semi-structured to power real time applications and decision making.

RedBus, India’s largest online bus ticketing platform uses Apache Drill's REST APIs for querying and executing ETL flows from a mix of Mongo, Kafka and S3 data stores.

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TransUnion is using Drill for their internal BI and reporting applications. They chose Drill after doing a POC with all major SQL on Hadoop engines.

At FinAnt, we use Apache Drill to do some ad-hoc queries, service data analytics.

At Institute of Operational Research & Analytics, our PhD students leverage Drill on desktops to conduct research work on large different datasets. This allows adhoc access to the data repository, while using R with Sergeant package to run analytical SQL queries.

Docube™ is a Analytics and Visualization platform that allows users to import data, create and share interactive BI visualizations. We use Drill to respond to data requirements for chart visualization by processing large Parquet dataset using SQL and custom UDFs to provide a fast user experience.