Persistent Configuration Storage

Drill stores persistent configuration data in a persistent configuration store (PStore). This data is encoded in JSON or Protobuf format. Drill can use the local file system or a distributed file system, such as HDFS, to store this data. The data stored in a PStore includes state information for storage plugins, query profiles, and ALTER SYSTEM settings. The default type of PStore configured depends on the Drill installation mode.

The following table provides the persistent storage mode for each of the Drill modes:

Mode Description
Embedded Drill stores persistent data in the local file system. You cannot modify the PStore location for Drill in embedded mode.
Distributed Drill stores persistent data in ZooKeeper, by default. You can modify where ZooKeeper offloads data, or you can change the persistent storage mode to HBase, for example.


Switching between storage modes does not migrate configuration data.

Configuring ZooKeeper PStore

Drill uses ZooKeeper to store persistent configuration data. The ZooKeeper PStore provider stores all of the persistent configuration data in ZooKeeper except for query profile data. The ZooKeeper PStore provider offloads query profile data to the Drill log directory on Drill nodes.

You need to configure the ZooKeeper PStore to use the Drill Web Console when running multiple Drillbits.

Why Configure the ZooKeeper PStore

When you run multiple DrillBits, configure a specific location for ZooKeeper to offload the query profile data instead of accepting the default temporary location. All Drillbits in the cluster cannot access the temporary location. Consequently, when you do not configure a location on the distributed file system, queries sent to some Drillbits do not appear in the Completed section of the Drill Web Console. Also, some Running links that you click to get information about running queries are broken links.

How to Configure the ZooKeeper PStore

To configure the ZooKeeper PStore, set the property in the drill.exec block in <drill_installation_directory>/conf/drill-override.conf on each Drill node and then restart the Drillbit service.


drill.exec: {
 cluster-id: "my_cluster_com-drillbits",
 zk.connect: "<zkhostname>:<port>", "hdfs://<directory to store pstore data>/"

Restart the Drillbit.

Configuring HBase for Persistent Configuration Storage

To change the persistent storage mode for Drill, add or modify the block in <drill_installation_directory>/conf/drill- override.conf.

Example {
    class: "",
    hbase: {
      table : "drill_store",
      config: {
      "hbase.zookeeper.quorum": "<ip_address>,<ip_address>,<ip_address >,<ip_address>",
      "": "2181"