Uses of Class

Packages that use TypeProtos.MajorType
Logical expression tree representation.
Logical function definitions.
Logical data types.
Drill expression materialization and evaluation facilities.
Handles optional file metadata columns: implicit columns and partition columns.
Provides run-time semantic analysis of the projection list for the scan operator.
Provides the "version 3" scan framework (which can also be thought of as EVF version 2).
Implements the details of the scan lifecycle for a set of readers, primarily the process of resolving the scan output schema from a variety of input schemas, then running each reader, each of which will produce some number of batches.
Provides a second-generation row set (AKA "record batch") writer used by client code to Define the schema of a result set. Write data into the vectors backing a row set.
Handles the details of the result set loader implementation.
Provides a fluent schema builder.
Defines a mock data source which generates dummy test data for use in testing.
Provides a light-weight, simplified set of column readers and writers that can be plugged into a variety of row-level readers and writers.
Provides the reader hierarchy as explained in the API package.