Apache Drill 1.21.1 Release Notes

Release date: Apr 29, 2023

Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of Drill 1.21.1. You can download it here.


  • [DRILL-8403] - Generated aggregate function calls are missing required filters when used with PIVOT
  • [DRILL-8409] - Support the configuration of bind addresses for network services
  • [DRILL-8411] - GoogleSheets Reader Will Not Read More than 1K Rows
  • [DRILL-8414] - Index Paginator Not Working When Provided URL
  • [DRILL-8416] - Memory leak when the async Parquet reader skips empty pages
  • [DRILL-8421] - Parquet TIMESTAMP_MICROS columns in WHERE clauses are not converted to milliseconds before filtering
  • [DRILL-8423] - Parquet TIME_MICROS columns with values > Integer.MAX_VALUE are not displayed correctly


  • [DRILL-8406] - Enable implicit casting of VARCHAR and BIT args in aggregate functions
  • [DRILL-8408] - Allow Implicit Casts on Join
  • [DRILL-8410] - Upgrade to Calcite 1.34
  • [DRILL-8417] - Allow Excel Reader to Ignore Formula Errors


  • [DRILL-8405] - Upgrade to snakeyaml 2.0 due to CVE