Use Postman to Run SQL Queries on Drill Data Sources

You can run Drill queries from Postman, a Chrome browser extension and HTTP client for testing web services. To run Drill queries from Postman, install the Postman extension and then configure Postman to connect to a Drillbit and run queries.

Complete the following steps to install and configure Postman to run Drill queries:

1-To install the Postman Chrome browser extension, go to and then click + ADD TO CHROME. 2-Click Postman Icon to open the application. You can go to chrome://apps/ to find the Postman icon if you do not see it. 3-In a new tab on the Builder page, set the type to POST, and enter the request URL as http://<drillbit-hostname>:8047/query.json.

Request URL

4-Select the Headers tab and then enter Content-Type as the key and application/json as the value. Add another entry with User-Name as the key and mapr as the value.


5-Select the Body tab and then select the radio button labeled raw. A new drop-down list appears next to the radio buttons. Select JSON from the drop-down list.


6-In the body box, enter the request body in JSON format. For example, a test.csv file resides under the /tmp folder in the dfs.tmp schema. To test your configuration, you can enter the following query on the test.csv file:

   "queryType": "SQL",
   "query": "select * from `dfs.tmp`.`test.csv`"


7-Click Send to submit the query. The Postman displays the query results.

Query results