Connecting Drill Explorer to Data

The way you start Drill Explorer differs depending on your platform, but regardless of the platform, Drill must be running.

Connecting Drill Explorer to Data on Linux

You need an X-11 XDisplay to use Drill Explorer on Linux. Run the DrillExplorer executable in /opt/mapr/drillodbc/DrillExplorer, and then follow instructions from step 2 in the next section, Connecting Drill Explorer to Data on Mac OS X.

Connecting Drill Explorer to Data on Mac OS X

  1. On a node that is running Drill, run Drill Explorer. The Drill Explorer app is located in the /Applications directory. The Drill Explorer console appears.

  2. Click Connect on the console. The Drill Explorer dialog appears.

  3. If you connect through a DSN, select the name of the DSN you configured on the ODBC DSN tab. For example, select MapR Drill. Alternatively, if you use a DSN-less connection, type a connection string in the text box on the Advanced tab.. For example, type the following connection string:

      DRIVER=MapR Drill ODBC Driver;AdvancedProperties={HandshakeTimeout=0;QueryTimeout=0;TimestampTZDisplayTimezone=utc;ExcludedSchemas=sys, INFORMATION_SCHEMA;};Catalog=DRILL;Schema=;ConnectionType=ZooKeeper;ZKQuorum=;ZKClusterID=drillbits1
  4. If you set the Authentication Type property to Plain (or Basic Authentication), which enables impersonation, respond to the prompt for a user name and password.

  5. Click Connect in the dialog. In the Schemas panel, the schema for the connected data source appear.

Starting Drill Explorer on Windows

In Windows 10, you can start Drill Explorer in two ways::

  • Start menu
  • ODBC Data Source Administrator

Start Menu

To start Drill Explorer from the Start menu:

  1. Click Start, and locate MaprR Drill Driver 1.3 <version>.

  2. Click Drill Explorer.

The ODBC Connection dialog with the DSN tab displayed appears in Drill Explorer.

3. Select the DSN that you want to explore. For example, select MapR Drill and click Connect.

ODBC Data Source Administrator

To start Drill Explorer from the ODBC Data Source Administrator:

  1. Enter odbc and select a version of the utility from the Windows Settings field. The ODBC Data Source Administrator <version> dialog appears.

  2. Click the System DSN tab.

  3. Select MapR Drill and click Configure. The MapR Drill ODBC Driver DSN Setup dialog appears showing multiple configuration properties.

  4. Click Drill Explorer at the bottom of the dialog. Drill Explorer appears.