SAS Format Plugin

Introduced in release: 1.20

This format plugin enables Drill to read SAS files (sas7bdat). The schema of the queried data is inferred from the metadata in the SAS file format.

Configuration Options

This function has no configuration options other than the file extension.

  "sas": {
  "type": "sas",
  "extensions": [

This plugin is enabled by default.

Data Types

The SAS format supports the VARCHAR, LONG, DOUBLE and DATE types.

Implicit Fields (Metadata)

The SAS reader provides the following file metadata fields:

  • _compression_method
  • _encoding
  • _file_label
  • _file_type
  • _os_name
  • _os_type
  • _sas_release
  • _session_encoding
  • _date_created
  • _date_modified