Enabling Web UI Security

Drill-on-YARN provides a web UI as described earlier. By default, the UI is open to everyone. You can secure the UI using either a simple predefined user name and password, or using Drill’s user authentication.

Simple Security

Simple security is enabled using three configuration settings:

   drill.yarn.http: {
          auth-type: "simple"
          user-name: "bob"
          password: "secret"

Restart the Drill-on-YARN Application Master. When you visit the web UI, a login page should appear, prompting you to log in. Only the above user and password are valid. Simple security is not highly secure; but it is useful for testing, prototypes and the like.

Using Drill’s User Authentication

Drill-on-YARN can use Drill’s authentication system. In this mode, the user name and password must match that of the user that started the Drill-on-YARN application. To enable Drill security:

   drill.yarn.http: {
          auth-type: "drill"

You must have previously enabled Drill user authentication, as described in the Drill Documentation .