Distributed Mode Prerequisites

You can install Apache Drill on one or more nodes to run it in a clustered environment.


Before you install Drill on nodes in a cluster, ensure that the cluster meets the following prerequisites:

  • (Required) Running Oracle or OpenJDK 8 or newer.
  • (Required) Running a ZooKeeper quorum
  • (Recommended) Running a Hadoop cluster
  • (Recommended) Using DNS


Starting in Drill 1.18 the bundled ZooKeeper libraries are upgraded to version 3.5.7, preventing connections to older (< 3.5) ZooKeeper clusters. In order to connect to a ZooKeeper < 3.5 cluster, replace the ZooKeeper library JARs in `${DRILL_HOME}/jars/ext` with zookeeper-3.4.x.jar then restart the cluster.