Configure Drill Introduction

This section briefly describes the following key Drill configuration tasks and provides links to configuration procedures:

  • Memory Configuration
  • Multitenancy Configuration
  • Performance and Functionality Configuration
  • Query Profile Data Storage Configuration

Memory Configuration

When using Drill, you need to make sufficient memory available Drill when running Drill alone or along side other workloads on the cluster. The next section, “Configuring Drill Memory” describes how to configure memory for a Drill cluster.

Multitenancy Configuration

You can configure resources for multitenancy clusters or for sharing a Drillbit on a cluster.

Performance and Functionality Configuration

You can also modify options for performance or functionality. For example, changing the default storage format is a typical functional change. The default storage format for CTAS statements is Parquet. Using a configuration option, you can modify Drill to store the output data in CSV or JSON format. The section, “Configuration Options Introduction” summarizes the many options you can configure.

Query Profile Data Storage Configuration

To avoid problems working with the Web UI, you need to configure the ZooKeeper PStore.