Apache Drill 0.6.0 Release Notes

Apache Drill 0.6.0, the second beta release for Drill, is designed to help enthusiasts start working and experimenting with Drill. It also continues the Drill monthly release cycle as we drive towards general availability.

This release is available as binary and source tarballs that are compiled against Apache Hadoop. Drill has been tested against MapR, Cloudera, and Hortonworks Hadoop distributions. There are associated build profiles and JIRAs that can help you run Drill against your preferred distribution.

Apache Drill 0.6.0 Key Features

This release is primarily a bug fix release, with more than 30 JIRAs closed, but there are some notable features:

  • Direct ANSI SQL access to MongoDB, using the latest MongoDB Plugin for Apache Drill
  • Filesystem query performance improvements with partition pruning
  • Ability to use the file system as a persistent store for query profiles and diagnostic information
  • Window function support (alpha)

Apache Drill 0.6.0 Key Notes and Limitations

  • The current release supports in-memory and beyond-memory execution. However, you must disable memory-intensive hash aggregate and hash join operations to leverage this functionality.
  • While the Drill execution engine supports dynamic schema changes during the course of a query, some operators have yet to implement support for this behavior, such as Sort. Other operations, such as streaming aggregate, may have partial support that leads to unexpected results.