Cassandra Storage Plugin

Introduced in release: 1.19

Drill’s Cassandra storage plugin allows you to execute SQL queries against Cassandra tables. This storage plugin implementation is based on Apache Calcite adapter for Cassandra. This plugin is also compatbile with Scylla DB.

Supported optimizations and features

This storage plugin supports the following optimizations:

  • Projection pushdown
  • Filter pushdown (only expressions supported by Calcite adapter for Cassandra)
  • Limit pushdown

Except for these optimizations, Cassandra storage plugin supports the schema provisioning feature. For more details please refer to Specifying the Schema as Table Function Parameter.


The plugin can be registered in Apache Drill using the drill web interface by navigating to the storage page. Following is the default registration configuration.

  "type" : "cassandra",
  "username" : null,
  "password" : null,
  "host" : "localhost",
  "port" : 9042,
  "enabled": false

Configuration Options

Option Default Description
type (none) Set to “cassandra” to use this plugin
username null Cassandra username to be used by Drill
password null Cassandra password to be used by Drill
host localhost Cassandra host to be queried by Drill
port 9042 TCP port over which Drill will connect to Cassandra.