Executes statements based on one or more equality conditions.


    WHEN expression [, expression [ ... ]] THEN
  [ WHEN expression [, expression [ ... ]] THEN
    ... ]
  [ ELSE
      statements ]

Usage Notes

Drill processes the CASE expression as follows:

  1. Evaluates the Boolean expression in each WHEN clause that returns true, or falls through to the ELSE statement for each WHEN clause that returns false.If ELSE is not present and a WHEN clause returns false, an exception occurs.
  2. Executes each statement in the WHEN clause that returns true or executes each ELSE statement for a WHEN clause that returns false.
  3. Exits the CASE statement.


The Drill installation includes employee.json in the Drill classpath that this example queries. You use the classpath (cp) storage plugin point to this file.

The employee having an ID of 99 is Elizabeth Horne. The employee having a ID of 100 is Mary Hunt. The example CASE statement gets the first name of the employee 99 and the last name of employee 100. Any other employee ID does not meet the condition; the ID is too high.

USE cp;
SELECT employee_id,
    WHEN employee_id < 100 THEN first_name
    WHEN employee_id = 100 THEN last_name
      ELSE 'ID too high'
  END from cp.`employee.json`
  WHERE employee_id = 99
    OR employee_id = 100
    OR employee_id = 101;
| employee_id | EXPR$1      |
| 99          | Elizabeth   |
| 100         | Hunt        |
| 101         | ID too high |
3 rows selected (0.199 seconds)