Selecting Multiple Columns Within Nested Data

The following query goes one step further to extract the JSON data, selecting specific id and type data values as individual columns from inside the topping array. This query is similar to the previous query, but it returns the id and type values as separate columns.

0: jdbc:drill:zk=local> select tbl.topping[3].id as record, tbl.topping[3].type as first_topping
from dfs.`/Users/brumsby/drill/donuts.json` as tbl;
|   record   | first_topping |
| 5007       | Powdered Sugar |
1 row selected (0.133 seconds)

This query also introduces a typical requirement for queries against nested data: the use of a table alias (named tbl in this example). Without the table alias, the query would return an error because the parser would assume that id is a column inside a table named topping. As in all standard SQL queries, select tbl.col means that tbl is the name of an existing table (at least for the duration of the query) and col is a column that exists in that table.